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Dongguan DingHong Precision Mould Co.,LTD
Contact: Mr. Xu
Cell phone: 15016871335
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No 305 , 3rd Floor , No8 FuMing Road , ShaJiao Community , HuMen , DongGuan

Dongguan DingHong Precision Mould Co.,LTD

Hello, welcome to visit the company's official website, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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  • measuring equipment
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  • measuring equipment
  • SODICK line cutting machine
  • SODICK discharge motor

    DingHong Precision Mould Co.,Ltd is located in Shajiao Humen Dongguan City. The industrial location is superior and convenient for transportation.
    For more than ten years we specialized in design, manufacturing precision plastic moulds and spare parts, metal stamping die parts.
    The processing precision is 0.002 mm.Products are used for cars, computers, mobile phones and other electronic controllers, connectors and so on.
    Our company attaches great importance to the research and development of new technology and pursues the first-class mould design and manufacturing technology. At the meantime, we are also committed to the quality of staff training and gradually developed our factory into the most competitive mould manufacturing  enterprise.
    Adhering to "real material, strict requirements"We will be your long-term stable partner with best quality , reasonable price and quick action.
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